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How do I edit the details of a resource in Commons?

Authors can edit the license, version notes, title, description, tags, image, and sharing settings for their shared resources from Commons. To modify an existing shared resource, learn how to update a resource previously shared to Commons. Admins can also edit and remove shared account resources that are not private to the author.


  • To enable Commons in your Canvas instance, please contact your Customer Success Manager.
  • Commons is available in all Free for Teacher (FFT) accounts. Free for Teacher users are limited to finding, importing, and sharing public resources.

Open Commons

Open Commons

In Global Navigation, click the Commons link.

Find Resource

In the search field [1], find the resource you want to edit or delete. To view all your shared resources, click the Shared link [2].

Open Resource

Open Resource

Click the name of the resource you want to edit or delete.

Edit Resource

Edit Resource

Click the Edit Resource link.

Edit Resource Details

Edit the resource information, content licensing, and sharing options.

Note: The Version notes field is only available for previously shared resources that have been updated.

Save Changes

Save Changes

When you're done, click the Save Changes button.

View Updated Resource

View updated resource details.

Approve Content

If you have been added as an approved content curator by a Commons admin, you can mark content as approved in your Commons account. You can edit resources uploaded by any user in your Commons account to mark the resource as approved content. You can also approve resources from the Commons search page, the Managed Resources tab on the Admin page, or when uploading a new resource.

To mark a resource as approved content, enable the Share as Account approved content option.