How do I manage Consortiums in Commons?

As an admin, you can manage (create, edit, and delete) consortiums for your account. A consortium is a collective of several institutions, which is different than a Commons group.

You can also accept or decline invitations to consortiums and leave consortiums you have joined.

Open Admin Settings

In Commons Navigation, click the Admin link.

Open Consortiums

Click the Consortiums tab.

Create Consortium

Type the name of the new consortium in the new consortium field. Then press the Return (Mac) or Enter (PC) key.

Edit Consortium Details

In the Edit Consortium page, you can change the consortium name [1], choose whether to allow your institution to contribute to the consortium [2], and invite other institutions [3]. To return to the Consortiums page, click the Back to All Consortiums link [4].

Invite Institutions

In the institution field [1], type the name or URL of the institution. Then select the institution from the search list [2].

Manage Institutions

Invited institutions will appear in the Contributor and Institution list [1] and will be marked as Pending [2] until the institution accepts the invitation to join the consortium. If the institution declines the invitation, the status will be Declined and can be dismissed.

To change the Contributor status of the institution, click the toggle [3]. To remove an institution from the consortium, click the Delete icon [4].

Edit Consortium

To edit a consortium, click the consortium's name on the Consortiums page.

Delete Consortium

To delete a consortium, click the Delete icon.

Accept or Decline Invitation

To accept an invitation, click the Join button [1]. To reject an invitation, click the Decline button [2].

Leave Consortium

To leave a joined consortium, click the Leave link.