Recent Updates

  • You can import ZIP files to Canvas through Files or Course Settings.

    Through Course Settings, you must upload the ZIP file to an existing folder in Files. You cannot create new folders through the Course Import Tool.

    If you do not know how to create a ZIP file, please consult your computer operating system's user guide.

    Note: If you are using Usage Rights, you must set the file usage rights before the files can be published.

  • You can move and organize the files in your course by dragging and dropping files or using the Move options for each file. Files are always organized in alphabetical order, so you are not able to rearrange the organizational structure of files, but to locate a file you can always sort files by column.

  • You can delete a file or folder in courses, groups, or personal files. Once a file or folder is deleted, it cannot be recovered.

    Note: The Unfiled Folder stores documents, graphics, and any other files from your account that you have posted to different areas of Canvas, such as Discussions. Deleting these items within current courses may create broken links and submissions. 

  • You can download a single file from any file storage area in Canvas.

  • You can preview a file in a course, group, or personal file storage area.

  • Updated on: Mar 27, 2020

    What are Quizzes?

  • Students can only delete their announcements within a group. You can delete an announcement on the Announcements page or within an individual announcement.

  • If your Modules page asks you to choose an assignment group, you need to choose which assignment(s) you want to select before you can progress to the next assignment.

  • Updated on: Mar 20, 2020

    What is the Roll Call Attendance Tool?

    The Attendance (Roll Call) tool is an external app (LTI) used for taking attendance in Canvas courses. The Attendance tool can be used for online or face-to-face courses. Enabled at the account level, the Roll Call Attendance tool can be used by all courses in the Canvas account.

    The Attendance tool always appears as a visible Course Navigation link, but it cannot be viewed by students, so hiding the link in Course Settings is not necessary. If instructors do not want to use the Attendance tool in their courses, no action is required. However, if you do use the Attendance tool, students can view their attendance report through the Roll Call Attendance submission details page.

    Note: The Attendance tool must be enabled for your institution before it can be used in Canvas courses. If you are an admin, contact your Customer Success Manager for assistance.

  • Updated on: Jan 17, 2020

    How do I view the rubric for a quiz?