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  • Updated on: Sep 21, 2021

    What are Outcomes?

  • Updated on: Sep 21, 2021

    How do I import outcomes for an account?

  • If you created an outcome in your account or sub-account that you need to edit or delete, you can do so as long as the outcome has not yet been used to assess a student. Once the outcome has been used for scoring, you cannot modify the outcome.

    You can delete an outcome group as long as it does not contain any outcomes that cannot be modified.


    • You can modify any outcomes or outcome groups where you have permission.
    • Outcomes that cannot be edited but can be deleted are aligned with a question bank but have not yet been used to assess a student.
  • As an admin, you can choose to allow the Student Learning Mastery Gradebook feature option for instructors to enable in their courses, which lets students see Learning Mastery scores on their Grades page. All Outcomes in the course appear in the student view. However, some official outcome names may be difficult for students to understand, so when creating outcomes at the account level, you have the option to create a custom, or more friendly name, to appear for students. This separate name field allows you to keep both the official name of the outcome as well as create a friendlier version that is more helpful for students.

    Note: For instructors, creating a custom name is a course permission. If they have access, instructors can create friendly names for outcomes they create at the course level. However, they cannot create custom names for outcomes created at the account level.

  • You can move outcomes and outcome groups after you have added them to your account or sub-account. You can use the Move Outcome or Move Outcome Group button, or you can manually drag and drop the outcome or outcome group.

    Note: To move an outcome to an outcome group, you will need to create an outcome group.