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Recent Updates

  • In a group set, you can automatically create groups for users to participate in. You can also manually create groups in a group set.

  • Once you create groups in a group set, you can randomly automatically assign students to those groups.

  • You can move students within groups. However, changes should be made before assigning a group to an assignment.

    If a student is added or removed from a group after receiving submissions, the submissions and grades may not align correctly. If a student is added to a group after the group submission, any re-submissions will overwrite the original submission; all previous grades will remain but the Gradebook will show the assignment was resubmitted since last graded. If you want to move a group member with a graded submission, you may want to clone the group set instead.

  • As an instructor, you can view what is happening in groups by viewing each user group.

  • You can assign a student group leader to help manage a group within your course. You can assign group leaders automatically or manually. When students are assigned to be a group leader, they can manage members of the group and edit the group name. However, they cannot change the number of members in the group.

    Students do not receive any notification that they have been added as a group leader, but they can manage groups directly from the Groups page. Access is also allowed from their Courses & Groups drop-down menu.

    Note: If an assigned group leader drops out of the course, you will have to select a new group leader only if the group leader was assigned manually. If you automatically assigned a group leader as part of creating a group set, Canvas will automatically assign another leader to the group.

  • As an instructor, you can manually add students to a group in both published and unpublished courses.

  • Updated on: Dec 11, 2019

    How do I edit a group set in a course?

    Once you have created a group set, you can edit it at any time. Editing a group set allows you to change the group set name, create self sign-up groups, and assign a student group leader.

    If self sign-up is allowed, you can also set or change the number of group members allowed in a group, but changing a member limit will apply to all groups in your group set. You can modify the limitations within an individual group, such as changing one group to allow a few more members than the other groups. However, at a later time if you decide to edit the entire group set and change the group set limitations, Canvas will override all member limitations created within individual groups.

  • In a group set, you can choose to manually create groups. You can also automatically create groups in a group set.

  • When self sign-up is enabled for a group, instructors are unable to prevent students from switching groups. However, as an instructor, you can turn off the self sign-up at any time. By turning off the self sign-up, you prevent students from switching groups.

  • Self sign-up groups allow users to choose the group they want to be in as part of a group set. You can also limit the number of members who can sign up for each group.

    Note: You may have to change the group settings later if you want to prevent students from switching sections.