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How do I use the Calendar as an instructor?

The Calendar is a great way to view everything you have to do for all your courses in one place. You can view calendar events by day, week, month, or agenda list. The calendar also includes access to the Scheduler, which is an optional scheduling tool in Canvas.

Open Calendar

Open Calendar

In Global Navigation, click the Calendar link.

View Calendar

The Calendar displays everything you are enrolled in since the Calendar spans across all courses. In the navigation bar, you can choose to view the calendar in Week, Month, or Agenda view [1]. The view you choose dictates the style of the calendar window [2]. By default, the calendar appears in Month view.

The sidebar [3] shows a quick-view calendar, your list of courses and groups, and undated items for your courses and groups.

Add Calendar Items

Add Calendar Items

Each calendar view shows any assignments or events that have been added to the calendar. Events can be added at any time in the navigation bar by clicking the Add button. You can add assignments and add course events, and all users can add personal events.

View Calendar List

Each personal, course, and group calendar is identified by a separate color that populates the calendar view. Associated assignments for each course or group will appear within the calendar view for each calendar [1].

By default, the first 10 course and group calendars will be selected and appear in the calendar view. To hide a calendar, click the box next to the name of the calendar [2]. Calendars that are not active within the calendar view display as faded text [3].

Note: Canvas will assign an arbitrary color for each calendar unless a custom color is chosen. Each calendar contains 15 default colors, but you can insert a Hex code to create any color of your choice. Colors set in Dashboard course cards also update in the calendar.

View Undated Events List

View Undated Events List

Expanding the Undated items link will show you a list of events and assignments that are not dated. The assignments and events will be differentiated by icons and by the personal, course, or group calendar color.

View Calendar by Month

View Calendar by Month

In month view, click the arrow buttons [1] to move from month to month. To view events for the current date, click the Today button [2].

View Assignments and Events

Assignments are shown with an icon next to the assignment title. The icon reflects the assignment type: Discussion [1], Assignment [2], Quiz [3], or Events [4].

Each item on the calendar is color-coded to match the courses or calendars in the sidebar.

To view full details for an assignment or event, hover over the item [5].

Calendar assignments can also be crossed out [6], which is a simple way to keep track of assignments. Assignments are crossed out when the due date has passed and all submissions have been graded.

View All-Day Events

All-day events display the Events icon and do not include a specific event time [1].

If you want to extend an all-day event across multiple days, hover over the edge of the event until you see a black arrow [2]. Drag your event across all required dates in the current month.

View Varied Due Dates

View Varied Due Dates

If a course has sections or individual students with varied assignment due dates, you will see the same assignment shown multiple times. Depending on the assignment setup, the assignment may appear on the same date or on multiple dates. Students will only see their specific assignment due date.

View Wrapped Assignments and Events

View Wrapped Assignments and Events

Your calendar view may show entire assignment and event titles as part of the calendar entry. This calendar view is only available in the Month view and can only be enabled by your institution. The wrapped assignment and event title view allows you to view the entire calendar item without having to hover over the title.

View Calendar by Week

To view the calendar by week, click the Week button. The Week view shows all calendar items by date and time. Note that some assignments may be due at 11:59 pm, which appear at the bottom of the calendar view.

View All-Day Events

All-day events appear at the top of the calendar week. These events do not include a specific event time.

Like in the Month view, if you want to extend an all-day event across multiple days, hover over the edge of the event until you see a black arrow. Drag your event across all required dates. In Week view, you can only drag your event to the end of the week that you are viewing.

View Calendar Agenda

To view all your calendar items in an agenda format, click the Agenda button.

View Scheduler

If your institution has enabled Scheduler, you can access Scheduler in one of two ways.

If your calendar includes a Scheduler button [1], all Scheduler events can be viewed and managed in the Scheduler page. You can add appointment groups, view or edit appointment groups, and remove students from appointments if necessary.

If your calendar does not include the Scheduler button, Scheduler events are managed directly in each course calendar. You can add an appointment group using the Add button [2]. Once created, the appointment group will display in your calendar. You can view or edit groups and remove students directly from the course calendar as well.