How do I create an attendance seating chart using Roll Call?

You can drag and drop the students in your course to create a seating chart for your classroom. Use this seating chart to take attendance and mark your students with badges.

Open Attendance

Click Attendance Link

In Course Navigation, click the Attendance link.

Open the Class Tab

Open Class Tab

Click the Class tab in Roll Call for a seating chart view.

Edit Seating Chart

Edit Seating Chart

Click the Edit Seating Chart tab to create a seating chart for your class.

Drag and Drop Students

The first time you edit the seating chart, all your students' names  will appear in the left column. Drag your students onto the grid and arrange them as desired [1]. Remove students from the seating chart by dragging them to the green box in the left hand column [2].

Manage Attendance and Badges from the Seating Chart

Manage Attendance and Badges from Seating Chart

Once you have created your seating chart, you can click the Take Attendance tab to take your students' attendance [1]. You can click a  student's name to view more information about that student's attendance record or to manage her badges [2]. You can use the zoom slider bar to zoom in and out on your seating chart [3].