How do I edit the Syllabus description?

Canvas recently introduced a new page design called the New Canvas User Interface (UI). Depending on your Canvas view, your page design may vary from the images shown in this lesson. However, the functionality and location of the components remain the same.

Editing the Syllabus allows you to add text and link files, images, and other course content in your Syllabus Description.

Note: Image files do not have a preview option when added as a file link through the Rich Content Editor.

Open Syllabus

Open Syllabus

In Course Navigation, click the Syllabus link.

Edit Syllabus Description

Edit Syllabus Description

Click the Edit button.

Edit with Rich Content Editor

Edit the syllabus description using the Rich Content Editor.

You can post your course description, a brief introduction, class guidelines, weekly reminders, and other important information in the Syllabus Description. You can copy content from Word documents directly into the Rich Content Editor or create original content inside of the Rich Content Editor. You can also use the Rich Content Editor to embed videos and input HTML.

Add Files

To add a PDF or Word document to your syllabus, view the Content Selector and click the Files link [1]. You can upload a new file or select files you have uploaded previously.

In the Rich Content Editor, highlight the text where you want to apply the file link [2]. Click the file in the Content Selector [3]; in the Rich Content Editor, the text will turn blue noting the link is downloadable. Canvas will automatically create a preview of your document so that users don't have to download it before reading it.

Note: To remove the document, click and highlight the text in the Rich Content Editor, and then press delete (MAC) or backspace (PC).

Update Syllabus

Update Syllabus

Click the Update Syllabus button.

View Syllabus

View the syllabus description.