How do I compose a message with members of a Group?

You can use Conversations to create a message with entire student groups or members of a group.

Open the Inbox

Open the Inbox

In the Help Corner, click the Inbox link.

Compose Message

Click the Compose icon to start a new message.

Filter by Group

Filter by Group

In the Courses drop-down menu, select the Groups filter. Then select a Group name.

Add Recipients

Add your recipients in the To field. You can type the recipients' names directly in the To field [1], or you can use the Group Roster [2].

To send a message to multiple recipients in the group roster, press the command key (Mac) or the control key (Windows) and click the name of each recipient you'd like to add to your message. Pressing the keyboard key will keep the roster window open.

Filter by Course

You can also select a group from within a course. Choose a course from the drop-down menu [1]. To select a group from the course roster, click the Address Book icon [2] next to the To field. From the address book, locate and click Student Groups [3].

Note: This feature is part of permissions; users will not be able to send a message to an entire group if the Send Messages to the Entire Class permission is not allowed within the course.

Choose Group

Locate and click the group name.

Compose Message

In the compose message window, you can:

  1. Enter a subject line
  2. Optional: Select the Send individual messages checkbox to create individual messages for all recipients in the To: field.
  3. Type a message
  4. Attach files or media
  5. Click the Send button

Note: If you do not want a student to see all recipients and replies in the message, click the Send individual messages checkbox.

Student View: Individual and Multiple Recipient Message

Student View: Individual and Multiple Recipient Message
  1. A student will only see the teacher's name and his or her name in the conversation, if the Send individual messages checkbox was selected before the message was sent.
  2. A student will see all recipients and replies in the conversation, if the Send individual messages checkbox was not selected.

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