How do I adjust my Notification Preferences for Conversations?

You can adjust the notifications that you receive for Conversations.

Open Settings

Open Settings

In the Help Corner, click the Settings link.

Verify Communication Channels

Verify Communication Channels

View the communication channels you have set up in Canvas.

Open Notifications

Open Notifications

In User Navigation, click the Notifications link.

Set Conversations Notification Preference

Find the Conversations category [1] and set your notification preference for each of the following by clicking the appropriate icon [1]:

  • Added to Conversation: You are added to a conversation
  • Conversation Message: New Inbox message
  • Conversations Created By Me: You created a conversation (receive a notification for all conversations you create)

Reminder: In Conversations, sent messages appear in the Sent folder. When a message receives a reply, the message thread will appear in the Inbox.

View Set Notification Preferences

Verify the notification preference was correctly set.

When a message is sent and users have notifications enabled, users will be able to see the subject line of the conversation as part of the message notification. This feature allows users to see the context of the message they are receiving without having to log back into Canvas. In HTML view, the subject line is in bold text above the message. In plain text view, the subject line is prefaced with the Subject: identifier.

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