How do I use Course Settings?

The Settings navigation link is where you can easily update and see the different users and sections, and you can also modify the navigation of your course.

Open Settings

Open Settings

The settings portion of your course is only available to teachers. Students won’t be seeing this link so this is where we put in the different reports just for the teachers themselves.

View Settings

Depending on your permissions, you can edit differing levels of the course settings.

  1. In the Course Details tab, you can view the details of your course, its name, what your quota is, and what license that you’ve attached to this content inside of your course. You can also view the course status. If the course cannot be unpublished, the hover text will notify you accordingly.
  2. In the Sections tab, you can manage the different sections of students and see all the people associated with your course according to role.
  3. In the Navigation tab, you can modify the Content Navigation links listed in your course. You can drag and drop to change the order of of the links. You can also hide specific links from students. Any configured External Apps (LTI Tools
that appear in Course Navigation also appear here as well.
  4. The Apps tab allows you to view installed apps and link apps enabled by your institution to your course.
  5. The Feature Options tab allows you to enable and disable Canvas features within your course as made available by your account admin.

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