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  • Canvas admins are not automatically given access to the admin features in Canvas Catalog. Catalog admins can manage all course and program listings in Catalog, as well as user registration, reports, and promotions.

    If a Canvas admin needs to be an admin in Canvas Catalog, you will need to enable the catalog permission at the account level. Learn more about Canvas account-level permissions.

    Note: The catalog permission only appears in Permissions for institutions that have a Canvas Catalog account and does not apply to subaccount roles.

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  • As an account admin, you can set different enrollment and registration options for your account. Available options include self enrollment, self registration, and open registration.

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  • Updated on: Feb 18, 2017

    How do I set a Front Page in a course?

    The Course Home Page is the first view your students will see when they enter your course. For the Course Home Page, you can customize a page from your course Pages and have it display as the Course Home Page.

    If you want to change the Course Home Page to a custom page, you must first set the page as the Front Page. The Front Page is a designation that shows Canvas which page can be used for the Course Home Page. Use this page to show a welcome message, links, images, or other information for students.


    • Before setting the Front Page, the page must be published.
    • Once you set a Front Page, you cannot remove the Front page. However, you can change the Front Page as much as you would like, or set another page as the Front Page.
    • Before setting a Front page, the Pages link in Course Navigation will open to the Pages Index. However, once you have selected a Front Page, the Pages link will always open to the Front Page. To return to the Pages Index, click the View All Pages button.
    • The Pages Front Page can also be set to display recent course announcements.
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  • Navigating a Canvas course as an observer is simple.

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  • Instructors invite observers to join their courses. By default, when you are added to a course, you will be able to view the course without having to accept a course invitation.

    Note: If you do not receive an invitation to join the course, please contact the instructor.

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  • Updated on: Feb 18, 2017

    What languages does Canvas support?

    Language preferences can be set by the user, by the instructor in a specific course, or by the admin for the entire account. However, depending on the Canvas area, some language preferences can be overridden.

    If no language is set, Canvas defaults to English (United States).

    Canvas supports the following languages:

    • English—United States
    • Danish
    • German
    • English—Australia
    • English—United Kingdom
    • Spanish
    • French
    • Haitian Creole
    • Dutch
    • Norwegian—Bokmål
    • Norwegian—Nynorsk (crowd-sourced)
    • Polish
    • Portuguese
    • Portuguese—Brazil
    • Maori
    • Swedish
    • Turkish (crowd-sourced)
    • Russian
    • Armenian (crowd-sourced)
    • Hebrew (crowd-sourced)
    • Arabic
    • Persian (crowd-sourced)
    • Japanese
    • Chinese—simplified
    • Chinese—traditional
    • Korean (crowd-sourced)
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  • If your course has enabled Microsoft Office 365, you can upload a file from your Microsoft OneDrive for an assignment.

    Like other file upload submissions, files uploaded from Office 365 are uploaded into your Canvas user files submissions folder.

    Canvas accepts Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, and PDF types.


    • If the Office 365 tab is not available in your submission, your institution has not enabled this feature.
    • Canvas will require you to authorize access to your OneDrive account.
    • In Office 365 assignments, you can only submit one file for your submission.
    • When Office 365 files are uploaded as a submission, later changes made to the file in OneDrive will not be updated in the submission.
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  • If your Assignments page includes a Roll Call Attendance assignment, your instructor is taking attendance in your course. As part of the assignment, you can view your attendance record in your course. Like any other Canvas assignment, you can also view or leave comments in the submission details page.

    If the Roll Call Attendance assignment is available to you, this lesson shows you how to view your attendance report through the Grades page. However, if your instructor allows you to view the Assignments link in Course Navigation, you can also access the submission details through the Assignments page by opening the Attendance assignment.

    Note: If the Roll Call Attendance assignment does not appear in the Grades page, your instructor has chosen to not use Attendance for grading.

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  • The Conferences page allows you to view all the conferences within a course. As a student, you can join conferences where you have been invited to participate.

    In student groups, you can create new conferences, start conferences, and manage concluded conferences.

    Note: Creating a conference is a course permission. If you cannot create a conference, your institution has restricted this feature.

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  • People shows all the users enrolled in the course.

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