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Instructor FAQ: Using Skyward in Canvas

Canvas has developed an integration between Skyward and Canvas. The integration communicates rostering data from Skyward to Canvas, and grade information from Canvas to Skyward. This document helps instructors with frequently asked questions and troubleshooting tips for the Canvas Skyward integration.

How does Skyward work with Canvas assignment groups?

To maintain cross-platform consistency, your Canvas assignment groups should mirror your Skyward grading categories. Learn about syncing Canvas assignment groups to your Skyward grading categories for grade passback.

How does Canvas choose which assignments are passed back to Skyward?

You can specify the assignments, quizzes, and graded discussions you want to sync from Canvas to Skyward. Learn about setting up assignments to sync from Canvas to Skyward.

Are there specific requirements for an assignment to sync from Canvas to Skyward?

Assignments, quizzes, and graded discussions must meet the following criteria:

  • Due dates: these are required for assignment and grade passback.
  • Unique assignment names: if a Canvas assignment name already exists in Skyward, Canvas will not sync that assignment to Skyward.
  • Assign to Everyone: assignments must be assigned to a specific section or to everyone in your course. Skyward does not support Canvas differentiated assignment functionality, including assignments assigned to individual students or MasteryPaths.
  • Assignment name length: assignment names cannot be longer than 30 characters.

Guides about creating assignments in Canvas:

How do I sync grades from Canvas to Skyward?

Learn how to sync grades from Canvas to Skyward.

You can sync grades for an entire course, or you can sync grades for a specific section or sections.

How frequently are grades updated from Canvas to Skyward?

Grade passback from Canvas to Skyward is initiated when you sync grades from your Canvas course gradebook to Skyward. Depending on the amount of data, you may need to wait several minutes for the data to display in Skyward. Learn about syncing grades from Canvas to Skyward.

Note: To view recently synced grades in Skyward, you may need to refresh your Skyward browser tab.

What if there's no Sync to SIS option in my Canvas gradebook?

If your course or section do not have an SIS ID, contact your Canvas admin.

Additionally, you must open the Skyward gradebook at least once before grades sync correctly from Canvas.

If all of the above criteria are met and you cannot sync grades from Canvas to Skyward, contact your Canvas admin.

What information is included in a Canvas-to-Skyawrd sync?

The following assignment information is included when you sync grades from Canvas to Skyward:

  • Assignment description
  • Assignment group association/Category association
  • Assignment name
  • Due dates
  • Earned Scores
  • Excused assignment status
  • Late assignment status
  • Points possible

What information is not included in a Canvas-to-Skyward sync?

The following information is not included in a Skyward sync:

  • Canvas assignment weights: you must manually weight assignments in Skyward.
  • Attendance: if enabled in your Canvas course, the Attendance assignment is not included in an Skyward sync.
  • Learning Mastery Gradebook: if enabled in your Canvas course, Learning Mastery Gradebook data is not included in an Skyward sync.
  • Identically named assignments: If an assignment with an identical name already exists in Skyward, Canvas does not sync any grades for the assignment; the assignment information will not be duplicated

What are the Canvas Skyward grade sync limitations?

Please be aware of the following Skyward grade sync limitations:

  • Excused assignments: assignments excused in Canvas are marked as No Count in Skyward.
  • Supported Skyward Gradebooks:  Canvas Skyward grade passback works with Skyward Secondary and Combined Gradebooks. If you use the Skyward Combined Gradebook, reach out to your Canvas admin for additional setuphelp. Other Skyward gradebook formats, including the Standards Gradebook, are not currently supported for Canvas Skyward grade passback
  • Quiz grades: Canvas quiz scores sync to Skyward as point values.
  • Assignment group updates: if you update an assignment's associated assignment group Canvas after syncing the assignment in Skyward, the assignment's grading category does not change in Skyward.

How do I update grades synced from Canvas in my Skyward gradebook?

To make changes to your Skyward gradebook, first make the changes in your Canvas course gradebook and sync the information to Skyward. Following this best practice allows consistent data flow between systems and ensures accurate data in both systems.

Grade distribution is a one-way sync from Canvas to Skyward:

  • In Skyward, if you change the name of an assignment, the connection between Skyward and the original Canvas assignment will be preserved.
  • In Skyward, if you move an assignment from one grading category to another, the assignment group is not updated in Canvas.
  • In Skyward, if you change an assignment grade, the updated grade is not updated in Canvas.
  • If you delete an assignment in Canvas that was previously synced to Skyward, you must manually delete the assignment from Skyward.

How do I sync grades from Canvas to Skyward for a concluded or closed course?

In Canvas, select the assignments, quizzes, and graded discussions for SIS sync. Then sync your grades from the Canvas gradebook to Skyward.

Note: If you cannot make changes in a concluded or closed course, contact your Canvas admin.