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How do I view my institution's Canvas Q-SIS integration rostering sync history?

If your institution has configured an integration with Canvas and your SIS, you can view your institution's SIS integration sync history in the SIS Integration page.  

The Rostering Jobs list displays all completed, failed, and in-progress SIS sync jobs. If a SIS sync imports with errors, you can view rostering change details to identify the error. You can also download the rostering jobs list as a CSV file.

Open Account

Open Account

In Global Navigation, click the Admin link [1], then click the name of the account [2].

Open SIS Integration

Open SIS Integration

In the Account Navigation menu, click the SIS Integration link.

View SIS Rostering

Veiw SIS Rostering

By default, the SIS Integrations page opens to the Rostering tab [1].

You can view your institution's SIS sync automation schedule in the Schedule section [2].

You can also view recent sync history and sync details in the Rostering Jobs section [3].

View Rostering Jobs List

View Rostering Jobs

The Rostering Jobs list displays the following information:

  • Type [1]: the sync type; the Rostering Jobs list displays Roster Import sync types.
  • Posted By [2]: the admin that started the sync; scheduled syncs are posted by your institution's Canvas Integrations Admin, and manual syncs display the name of the admin who requested the sync.
  • SIS Type [3]: the name of the SIS integrated with Canvas, or the name of the API agent used (e.g. OneRoster).
  • Time Updated [4]: the rostering job date and time.
  • Stage [5]: the current status of the rostering job, if one is currently running, or the stage at which the job encountered an error. If no stage displays, the job completed successfully.
  • Status [6]: the rostering job sync status. A status may be listed as Completed, Warning, Failed, and In Progress.

You can view the rostering job JSON files [7] and job details [8].

To view additional jobs, use the page navigation icons [9].

Open Rostering Job JSON

Open Rostering Job Details

To view a rostering job JSON file, click the job file link.

View Rostering Job JSON

View Job Details

The job details display in a new browser window. View the Canvas Imports JSON rostering job details.

Download Rostering Jobs History

Download Rostering Jobs History

To download the rostering job history as a CSV file, click the Download button.

View Rostering Jobs CSV

View Rostering Jobs CSV

View the downloaded rostering job as a CSV file

Refresh Rostering Job History

Refresh Rostering Job History

To refresh the rostering jobs list, click the Refresh button.