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How do I view the Calendar in the Student app on my Android device?

You can view up to 10 calendars from your courses and groups in the app.

The images in this lesson are shown for a phone display, but unless otherwise noted, tablet displays mirror the same steps.

Note: Students cannot sign up for Scheduler appointments in the Canvas Student app.

Open Calendar

Open Calendar

In the Dashboard, tap the Calendar icon.

View Calendar

View Calendar

The Calendar page shows all assignments and events for your courses. By default, the calendar displays assignments and events by week. The current date is always selected and indicated by the solid background [1]. Any assignments or events on the current date display below the calendar in an agenda format.

Assignments or events on other dates are indicated by a dot below the date [2]. Multiple dots indicate multiple assignments or events, which can be viewed by tapping the date.

The day of the week defaults to Sunday. You can change the start date to Monday in your app personal Settings.

Manage Calendars

View Month Overview

You can manage the courses and events that display in the calendar by tapping the Calendars link [1]. Tap the checkbox next to the user or course calendar name to select which calendar(s) to display [2].

View Additional Dates

View Calendar List

To view assignments and events for other dates, swipe the week view left or right [1].

You can also expand to the calendar Month view by tapping the name of the month [2] and swiping the month view left or right.

To return to the current date, tap the Calendar icon [3].

View Individual Event or Assignment

View Individual Event or Assignment

To view the details of an individual assignment or event, tap the name of the assignment or event.

Add To-Do Item

View Calendar Settings

To add a new to-do item to your calendar, click the Add icon.

Note: Currently To-Do items created in the app only display in the Calendar; items will display in the To-Do list in a future release.