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How do I manage new features in my user account as an instructor?

Canvas is continually creating new features to improve your user experience. The majority of improvements will be made available as part of our regular release cycle. However, some features may affect your personal interaction with Canvas.

This lesson gives an overview of how to manage user-level feature options for your user account. Admins and instructors have no control over user-level features.

To view specific feature options available in Canvas, visit the user account features lesson.

Open User Settings

In Global Navigation, click the Account link [1], then click the Settings link [2].

View Feature Options

View Feature Options

Available features will appear in the Feature Options section.

View Types of Features

View Types of Features

Each feature includes a feature description. To expand the feature box and display the description, click the arrow icon.

View Feature Tags

View Feature Tags

Feature tags help identify the state of each feature. A feature with no label [1] means the feature is stable and ready for use in your production environment. Features may also include a beta tag [2], which means the feature is available for use in your production environment but is still being tested for usability and accessibility behavior. Enabling a beta feature may create unintended behavior within your Canvas account.

Note: Occasionally features may include a Development tag, which means the feature is only available for testing in your beta environment; it is not available in your production environment. Not all institutions allow testing in beta environments.

View Feature States

You can choose to enable or disable feature options.

To enable or disable a feature, click the feature's State icon [1].

To turn the feature on, click the Enabled option [2]. Enabled features display the Enabled icon [3].

To turn the feature off, click the Disabled option [4]. Disabled features display the Disabled icon [5].