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How do I sync grades to PowerTeacher Pro in PowerSchool in the Gradebook?

If your institution is using the PowerTeacher Pro gradebook in PowerSchool as a student information system (SIS), you can use the Canvas Gradebook to pass grades back to PowerSchool. Grades are passed back if an assignment is specifically included as part of the grades transfer. You can include grades for assignments, graded discussions, and quizzes on a per-assignment basis.

Syncing grades to PowerSchool from the Gradebook may only sync grades that have been entered in the past 30 days. Grades from previous dates can be synced by creating a bulk grade passback from the Grade Sync page.

Unlike the legacy PowerTeacher gradebook, PowerTeacher Pro does not validate any assignments in the Grades page as validations for assignment names and dates are part of the assignment setup process.


  • This integration requires prior configuration in Canvas. For assistance, please contact your Canvas admin.
  • PowerSchool requires specific setup procedures before you can post grades. Depending on how assignments are assigned to students, some grades may not be able to be passed back to PowerSchool. For PowerSchool details and troubleshooting tips, view the PowerTeacher Pro Gradebook Instructor Help document in the Canvas Community.
  • If you use a manual posting policy in your course, you need to post grades before you can sync grades to your SIS.

Open Grades

Open Grades

In Course Navigation, click the Grades link.

Sync Grades

Open Actions

Click the Actions menu [1] and then click the Sync to Post Grades link [2].

Sync Now

Sync Now

Click the Sync Now button.

Open Monitoring and Reporting

Open Monitoring and Reporting

In Course Navigation, click the Monitoring and Reporting link.

Note: Depending on when your SIS was implemented, the Monitoring and Reporting link may be named Grade Sync.

View Reporting Tab

The Sync Status page defaults to the Reporting tab, where you can view the status of the sync request.

In the search field [1], you can search for a specific sync request by course, section, or user SIS ID.

You can also filter by status. By default, the Everything status is selected, which displays all sync results in the page [2]. You can filter syncs by Cancelled, Errors, Failed, In Progress, In Queue, and Success.

Each status type displays the number of sync requests for each status [3]. To filter by a specific status type, click the name of the status.

View Sync Tab

View Sync Tab

To manage grade passback options, click the Sync tab [1].

To run a bulk grade passback for all grades in your course, click the Submit button [2]. Running a bulk grade passback sends every grade in the gradebook to your SIS. This option can be used if you notice a discrepancy between your Canvas and PowerTeacher gradebooks.

To schedule a sync to run daily, select the Scheduled Daily Sync checkbox [3]. This option sends any new grades that were updated for assignments set to sync to SIS. To save your daily sync setting, click the Save button [4].