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  • Updated on: Apr 10, 2020

    How do I submit a quiz?

    Learn how to submit a quiz in Canvas.

  • Updated on: Apr 10, 2020

    How do I take a quiz?

    You can easily take a quiz by accessing the Quizzes page. Depending on how your instructor set up the quiz, questions may be shown all on one page or one at a time. If you are unable to finish a quiz you may be able to resume it at a later time.

  • Students can close discussions for comments if they meet the following conditions:

    1. They are the creator of the discussion.
    2. There are no replies to the discussion.


    Note: Once a discussion is closed for comments, only instructors can re-open it.

  • In discussion replies, a blue dot indicates the reply is new and unread. A white dot indicates a reply is read. When you navigate away from the discussion or refresh the page, the blue dots will change to white dots indicating the replies are read.

    You can tell Canvas not to automatically mark your discussion replies as read so that you can manually control which replies you haven't viewed. Your selection for this option will apply to the Discussions settings for all of your courses. By default, manually marking posts as read is turned off.

    You can manually mark discussion replies as read or unread at any time.

  • Your instructor may require you to submit a peer review of another student's discussion reply. To complete the peer review, you must review the student's discussion reply and add a comment in the comment sidebar.

    If your instructor includes a rubric, which is a pre-determined outline of how an assignment is graded, you must also assign a grade using the rubric.

    Discussion peer reviews cannot be anonymous.

    Learn how to see if have been assigned a peer review discussion.

  • Your instructor can assign you to review another student's discussion post. You can view peer review notifications in Canvas in the Recent Activity Stream, the To Do list, and from the individual discussion page. Once peer reviews are assigned, you can also be notified according to your Canvas notification preferences.

    Learn how to submit a peer review discussion.

  • Your instructor may include a rubric as part of a graded discussion. The rubric is a set of criteria that your instructor will use to grade your discussion. Before submitting your discussion, you can use the rubric to evaluate your own work and make sure your discussion fulfills your instructor's requirements.

    Note: Not all graded discussions may include a rubric.

  • If your instructor has enabled a podcast in a discussion, you can subscribe to receive the feed in a podcast capturing program. This lesson explains how to add a podcast to iTunes (minimum version 11.0).

    Note: The Record/Upload Media Comment tool in the Rich Content Editor must be used for updates to be added to the podcast feed. Text-only discussion posts are not included in the feed.

  • Updated on: Apr 08, 2020

    Accessing my assignments