How do I create a Conference?

You can create a conference in a course to hold virtual office hours and speakers. Conferences can accommodate up to 50 people. Although you cannot send out invitations to the conference until it begins, you can create a course events on the Calendar to indicate an upcoming conference.

You can create multiple conferences, which are listed in chronological order by the date they were created. The most recently created conference will appear at the top of the list.

Open Conferences

Open Conferences

In Course Navigation, click the Conferences link.

Create New Conference

Create New Conference

Click the New Conference button.

Add Conference Details

To create a new conference, type a name for the conference in the name field [1].

If you want to set a time limit, enter the number of minutes for the conference in the duration field. [2].

If you want to record the conference, select the Record the conference checkbox [3].

If you don't want to set a time limit for the conference, you can create a long-running conference by selecting the No time limit (for long-running conferences) checkbox [4].

To create a description of your conference, type a description in the description field [5].

Invite Course Members

By default, all members in the course will be invited to the conference. If you want to select specific members of your course, deselect the Invite All Course Members checkbox

Select Individual Members

Select the checkbox(es) for the individual member(s) you would like to invite.

Update Conference

Update Conference

To save the conference settings, click the Update button.

View Conference

View your created conference.

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