How do I use the Conferences Index Page?

The Conferences Index Page allows you to view all the conferences within a course. As an instructor, you can create new conferences, start conferences, and manage concluded conferences. If your institution has upgraded to the Canvas Conferences premium tier, you can view conference statistics.

Note: Creating a conference is a course permission. If you cannot create a conference, your institution has restricted this feature.

Open Conferences

Open Conferences

In Course Navigation, click the Conferences link.

View Conferences

View Conferences

Conferences are grouped in two parts: New Conferences [1] and Concluded Conferences [2]. Both always display the conference name [3] and description [4].

If a student has been invited to a conference, the student can view the conference in the Conferences page.

View In Progress Conference

View In Progress Conference

As a moderator, you can start new conferences [1]. Once the conference has started, the conference status shows as in progress [2]. Participants invited to the conference can join as long as the Join button is visible [3].

View Concluded Conferences

Concluded conferences display in the Concluded Conferences section. Each concluded conference shows the title, date, and description of the conference [1].

You can delete a concluded conference, by clicking the conference's Settings menu [2] and clicking the Delete option [3].

View Recorded Conference

Concluded conferences that enabled recording display the Arrow icon [1].

To view the recording and additional details, click the name of the conference [2].

Open Recording

To replay the conference, click the Video or Presentation link [1]. You can also view the duration of your conference recording [2].

The recording format link does not appear until the conference has been rendered for playback. Depending on the length of your conference, this process may take several hours. If your conference included closed captioning, the playback bar for the video displays a CC button to view the available captions.

To delete your recording, click the Delete button [3].

Note: For all basic Conference accounts, recordings are automatically deleted 14 days after the conference ends.

Open Notes

If your conference included shared notes, you can view the notes by clicking the Notes link. The shared notes will display in a new browser tab, where they can be viewed and copied.

Note: Notes are only available for recorded conferences.

Open Statistics

If your institution has upgraded to the Canvas Conferences premium tier, you can view conference statistics by clicking the Statistics link.

View Statistics

Statistics include metrics about student participation in the recorded session, such as length of time in the session [1], number of moderators and participants [2], and the number of students who spoke, messaged, used emojis, or raised their hands during the conference [3]. Metrics also include each student's response to polls [4].

To download statistics as a CSV file, click the Download CSV button [5].