How do I create captions for new or uploaded videos in Canvas?

You can easily create and upload caption files when you add video content Rich Content editor.

Note: Canvas must render the video and create a URL link before you can create a caption file. If you try to add subtitles and the subtitle creation tool is not yet available, try accessing your video later.

Open Rich Content Editor

Open the Rich Content Editor using one of the Canvas features that support the Editor.

Open Media Comment Tool

Click the Video Clip icon.

Record Video

Record Video

To record a new video file, click the Record Media tab [1]. The media should be set to the video icon [2]. Give your video a title [3]. When you are ready, click anywhere in the video panel to start recording [4].

Upload Video

Upload Video

To upload an existing video, click the Upload Media tab [1]. Click the Select Video File button [2].

Confirm Video

Your video will appear in the Rich Content Editor.

Save Changes

Save Changes

Click the Save button.

Open Video

Open Video

Click the video to enlarge the window and open the closed-caption options.

Upload Subtitles

Upload Subtitles

Hover over the closed caption icon [1]. Click the Upload subtitles link [2].

Go to Subtitle Creation Tool

Copy the video URL provided in Step 1. Click the Go to subtitle creation tool button [2]. A new tab will open in your browser window.

Note: Canvas must render the video and create a URL link before you can create a caption file. If you try to add subtitles and steps 1 and 2 are not yet available, try accessing your video later.

Enter Video URL

Paste your video URL in the Subtitle a Video field [1]. Click the Begin button [2].

Add New Language

Click the Add a new language link.

In the drop-down menu, select the primary spoken language of your video [1]. Then select the language for the subtitles [2]. Click the Continue button [3].

Log in to Amara

Choose a method to log in to Amara. You can use one of your existing social media services [1] or you can create a new account [2].

Creating an account lets you save your video with the subtitles in case you want to change them or translate them into another language later.

Create Subtitles

Create your subtitles for your video using the instructions in the video window [1].

You can use keyboard controls to help you navigate through your video. To get more keyboard controls, click the more commands link [2].

For general guidelines regarding subtitles, click the subtitling guidelines link [3].  

Complete Subtitles

When you have made it through all three steps and are finished with your subtitles, click the Complete button. The caption file will save and redirect you back to the video dashboard.

Open Subtitles

Under the Language heading, click the name of the language subtitle file you created.

Download Subtitles

To edit your subtitles, click the Edit Subtitles link [1].

When you are ready to download your file, locate the Download drop-down menu [1] and select the SRT option [2].

Save Subtitle File

Save Subtitle File

Click the Save File radio button [1]. Then click the OK button [2].

Select Subtitle Language

Return to the video pop-up window in Canvas.

In Step 3, click the Language drop-down menu; select the language that matches the language of your subtitle file.

Locate Subtitle File

To locate your .srt caption file, click the Browse or Choose File button (depending on your browser).

Open Subtitle File

Locate your subtitle file on your computer. Select the file, then click the Open button.

Upload Subtitle File

To submit your subtitle file, click the Upload button.

Refresh Browser Window

Refresh Browser Window

Canvas will confirm your subtitle file has been successfully uploaded. Refresh your browser window to view your subtitles.

Select Subtitle Language

Select Subtitle Language

To view the captions in your video, hover over the closed caption icon [1]. By default, videos are closed captioned and will always be set to None. Click the radio button next to your subtitle language [2]. Click the Play button [3].

View Subtitles

View Subtitles

View the subtitles in your video.

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