Admin FAQ: Infinite Campus and Canvas

Canvas has developed an automated integration infrastructure between Infinite Campus and Canvas for Grade Passback (GPB) utilizing APIs made available from Infinite Campus. The integration creates assignments and posts grades into the Infinite CampusGradebook based on the latest assignment settings and submission data in Canvas.

Infinite Campus Grade Passback

How does Infinite Campus work with Canvas?

The Canvas Infinite Campus integration works bi-directionally:

  • Infinite Campus to Canvas Provisioning: When you make changes in Infinite Campus (to users, courses, enrollments, etc.), those changes are reflected in Canvas after a nightly, one-way transfer from your SIS's OneRoster 1.1 API to Canvas.
  • Canvas to Infinite Campus Grade Passback (GPB): When instructors make changes or updates to course assignments and student grades in Canvas, those changes are sent to your SIS using OneRoster 1.1 API. Learn about syncing grades from Canvas to the Infinite Campus gradebook. Changes to assignments and assignment scores in Canvas will always overwrite changes in Infinite Campus. If a change is made in Infinite Campus, the change will not be reflected in Canvas.

Are there any prerequisites to use Infinite Campus grade passback with Canvas?

In order to use GPB you must first purchase Infinite Campus’ Campus Learning solution. Please contact your client executive at Infinite Campus for more details. Instructure’s integration for provisioning and grade passback comes with no additional costs.

Also, you must have Infinite Campus version 1837 or higher.

How do I enable Infinite Campus grade passback?

As a SIS administrator, you must visit Infinite Campus System System Administration-Learning Interoperability-Grading Services. Click on Kimono (Canvas), and enable the integration. You must also generate a key and secret here. This required key works for all grading services and rostering endpoints.

What information is created in Infinite Campus from Canvas for grade passback?

The Canvas Infinite Campus Grade passback process creates the following information from Canvas in your Infinite Campus gradebook:

  • Graded Assignments
  • Graded Quizzes
  • Graded Discussions Scores (Grades) for individual students based on their submissions in Canvas

Infinite Campus Provisioning

Can I use IC GPB through OneRoster with any integration type?

Currently, the only integration option that allows for Infinite Campus grade passback with Canvas is the OneRoster 1.1 integration through the SIS Platform.

What objects are supported for provisioning with OneRoster 1.1 for the Infinite Campus to Canvas integration?

  • Accounts
  • Courses
  • Enrollments
  • Sections
  • Staff
  • Students

What value do you use as the default SIS ID in provisioning?

By default for new clients, we use the source ID from OneRoster as the SIS ID in Canvas. We will attempt to continue to use the existing Canvas SIS ID if it is unique and available in OneRoster for existing clients moved to the Kimono platform.

How does changing an instructor's enrollment affect courses in Infinite Campus?

When an instructor leaves an existing course, Infinite Campus keeps track of the teacher's record and notifies Canvas accordingly. Teachers may leave a course for various reasons, such as if they leave the school for another position, a new teacher is hired, or a teacher is sick and needs to be replaced with a substitute for an indefinite period of time. When a teacher is unenrolled from a course in Infinite Campus, a deletion record is sent to Canvas with the teacher's courses and corresponding student enrollments.

When a new teacher is assigned to the course, a new course record is sent to Canvas with new enrollments for the corresponding students. The new course enrollment, however, does not let the new teacher see any of the previous teacher's work, such as grades assigned to previous student submissions. To allow the new teacher to view all prior coursework, an admin needs to crosslist the new sections with the old teacher's courses.