Instructor FAQ: Canvas and Infinite Campus

Preparing Assignments in Canvas

How does the Infinite Campus Gradebook integration work with Canvas assignment groups?

After syncing assignments from Canvas into Infinite Campus, synced assignments display in the Uncategorized section of the Infinite Campus gradebook. You can manually move synced assignments to the appropriate grading category in Infinite Campus.

How does Canvas choose which assignments are passed back to Infinite Campus?

The following assignments are included in a Canvas sync to Infinite Campus:

  • Assignments
  • Course grades/gradebook scores
  • Graded discussions
  • Quizzes

To be included in a sync, an assignment must be selected for SIS sync in Canvas.

Are there specific requirements for an assignment to sync from Canvas to Infinite Campus?

Canvas assignments must meet the following requirements:

  • Assignments must have a due date
  • Assignment names must be unique. Assignments with the same name will not sync to Infinite Campus.
  • Differentiated assignments are not supported in an Infinite Campus sync from Canvas. Assignments must be assigned to everyone in the course.
  • Assignment names must be 30 characters or fewer.

Preparing Infinite Campus

How do I prepare Infinite Campus for Grade Passback?

You may need to set non-campus assignment defaults in Infinite Campus. In the Infinite Campus Grade Book, open the Settings tray. Click the Non-Campus Assignment Defaults link. In the Default Standard/Grading Task drop-down menu, make a selection such as Semester Average, and click the Save button.

Syncing Grades

How do I use the Canvas gradebook to sync data to Infinite Campus?

The Canvas Infinite Campus integration passes data only one way: from Canvas to Infinite Campus. To make changes to your Infinite Campus gradebook, first make the changes in your Canvas course gradebook and sync the information to Infinite Campus. Following this best practice allows consistent data flow between systems and ensures accurate data in both systems.

Please be aware of the following behaviors in the Gradebook:

  • Assignments awarded a score with a decimal in Canvas (i.e. 10.5 points) display as a whole number in the Infinite Campus gradebook (i.e. 10 points). However, if you view the assignment details in Infinite Campus, the grade displays correctly (i.e. 10.5 points).
  • Your course must have a SIS ID in Canvas to pass grades to Infinite Campus. If your course or section does not include an SIS ID in Course Settings, please contact your Canvas admin.
  • If you award an assignment score in Canvas that is higher than the total amount of points possible (i.e. 30 points out of 20), the extra points sync to Infinite Campus as extra credit.
  • If enabled in your Canvas course, the Attendance assignment is not included in an Infinite Campus sync.
  • If enabled in your Canvas course, Learning Mastery Gradebook data is not included in an Infinite Campus sync.
  • Assignment weights in Canvas are not included in an Infinite Campus sync. You must manually weight assignments in Infinite Campus.
  • Canvas does include late assignment designations in an Infinite Campus sync.
  • Hidden assignment scores are included in an Infinite Campus sync. To maintain hidden scores from Canvas to Infinite Campus, turn off the assignment sync to SIS option.

How do I sync grades to Infinite Campus?

Canvas supports an API-based integration for the Infinite Campus Gradebook. Learn how to sync grades from Canvas to Infinite Campus.

Note: If you don't see an option to sync grades in the Gradebook, please contact your SIS administrator or Canvas Support for assistance.

Viewing Grades in Infinite Campus

How do I view grades from Canvas in Infinite Campus?

After syncing grades from Canvas, refresh the Infinite Campus gradebook.

  • To edit an assignment or to add or edit an assignment score, update the assignment in Canvas, then re-sync the data to Infinite Campus. Any changes made in Infinite Campus will be overwritten with existing assignment data in Canvas on the next sync.
  • You can view synced assignments in the Uncategorized section of the Infinite Campus Gradebook.
  • If you sync a Canvas assignment to Infinite Campus and later delete the assignment from Canvas, you must manually delete the assignment from Infinite Campus.