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  • Some external apps require an XML configuration. This lesson shows how to add an external tool using the XML provided by the external app provider. To learn more about configuring external apps, visit the Edu App Center.


    • External apps can also be configured using XML in sub-accounts.
    • Manually configuring an external app is an account permission. If you cannot configure an external app, this permission has not been enabled for your user role.
  • You can access Canvas from any browser on your iOS device. However, for the best user experience, you should view Canvas via the mobile app for iOS devices.

    Please note that mobile browsers are not supported by Canvas, and features may not function as expected compared to viewing Canvas in a fully supported desktop browser. Canvas pages within a mobile browser are only supported when an action in the app links directly to the browser, such as when a student takes certain types of quizzes. Support is not extended to pages that cannot currently be used in the app, such as Conferences or Collaborations.

    Additionally, content items requiring Flash to run will not work unless your browser supports Flash. Safari, Chrome, and most free browsers do not support Flash. However, if you want to use Flash, you may want to try 360, Photon, Skyfire, iSwifter, or Puffin browsers, among other iOS Flash-supported browsers.

  • In groups, you can add a file to a page.

  • Canvas lets you embed video content within a page.

  • Updated on: Jan 15, 2021

    How do I link to other pages in a group?

    You can link to other pages in your group.

  • Updated on: Jan 15, 2021

    How do I delete pages in a group?

    You can delete a page if you no longer need it or if it is not used as the Front Page for your group.

  • Updated on: Jan 15, 2021

    How do I edit a page in a group?

    You can easily edit a page to collaborate on group projects or assignments.

    Note: Your instructor may also allow you to edit course pages.

  • The default setting in Canvas is to restrict editing of pages to Instructors only. However, Instructors can allow students to edit pages. If you can edit a page in your course, your instructor has allowed you to contribute content to the page.

    When you can edit a page, you can also view the history of a course page.

  • Updated on: Jan 15, 2021

    How do I change a page name in a group?

    You can rename pages in your group.