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  • If your institution has enabled offline content, you can view your course offline as an HTML file. You can download the HTML file from the Modules page. Currently HTML files can only be generated in the browser version of Canvas and are only supported on a computer.

    HTML offline content is for offline viewing only; you cannot interact with course content directly, such as completing an assignment or viewing any submissions. In the HTML file, you can view assignment details, availability dates, and point values. Discussions and quizzes only include the description. All discussion replies (graded or ungraded) are considered submissions and must be viewed online. Additionally, you can view any embedded media files in the HTML file. If a link can only be accessed online, the link includes an external icon identifying the content as online only.

    Offline downloads include all content from the course at the time of the download. You will need to download the course each time you want to view updated course content. After the initial download, the export page shows the history of each download, and the Modules page shows the last time the content was exported.

    User Guidelines

    When exporting course content, you may not reproduce or communicate any of the content in the course, including exported files, without your institution's prior written permission. Please be aware of your institution's online user agreement guidelines.

    Note: If your course does not allow access to the Modules page, or if your course Modules page does not display the Export Course Content button, offline content is not available in your course. However, your institution may allow you to export course content as an ePub file.

  • Updated on: Aug 26, 2020

    How do I view Modules as a student?

    Some instructors will use modules to organize the course. Modules control the entire flow of the course, along with its content.

    Note: Your instructor may choose to hide the Modules link in Course Navigation. If the Modules link is not available, you can still access Module items through other areas of Canvas, such as the Syllabus or Course Home Page. Alternatively, your instructor may choose to hide all Course Navigation links except for Modules. If other Course Navigation links are not available, your instructor wants you to navigate the course using Modules.

  • Updated on: Aug 26, 2020

    How do I duplicate a module item?

  • Updated on: Aug 26, 2020

    How do I edit a module?

    You can edit a module in the module settings menu. Editing a module allows you to rename the module, lock modules, add prerequisites, and add requirements.

  • Updated on: Aug 26, 2020

    How do I lock a module?

    You can set modules to be locked until a given date.

  • When you set up prerequisite modules, students must complete a module before moving to the next module.

    For each module, you can only set prerequisite modules that come before a specific module. You may need to reorder modules to create correct prerequisite availability.

    Please note that you cannot prevent a student from accessing an upcoming module unless requirements have also been set for the prior modules. Requirements indicate the order that students are required to complete module items.

    Note: You can only add prerequisites if you have added at least one module.

  • Updated on: Aug 26, 2020

    How do I move or reorder a module?

    You can reorder modules after you've created them. You can manually drag and drop the module, or you can use the Move To option, which is also accessible for keyboard users. You can also reorder module items.

  • Updated on: Aug 26, 2020

    How do I delete a module?

    If necessary, you an delete a module in your course. Deleting a module also deletes all associated module items.

    When you delete a module, all of the items in that module are removed, but they are not deleted from the course.

  • You can add text to your module when you add a new item.

  • Updated on: Aug 14, 2020

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