Canvas GuidesCanvas Admin Guide Roles and PermissionsHow do I set permissions for a sub-account-level role?

How do I set permissions for a sub-account-level role?

After you have created an account-level role, you can open the Sub-Account permissions and view the permissions granted to sub-admins. Permissions grant or deny access to specific features within a sub-account and can be applied to any user granted an admin-level role. Sub-account admins are created by account admins and are only responsible for their specific sub-account. Learn how to add an administrative user to an account.

Depending on the sub-account role, you may want to override the defaults to create custom permissions.

To learn more about account permissions, view the Account Permissions PDF.

Open Account

Access Account

In Global Navigation, click the Admin link [1], then click the name of the account [2].

Open Sub-Accounts

Open Sub-Accounts

In Account Navigation, click the Sub-Accounts link.

Open Sub-Account

Open Sub-Account

Click the name of the sub-account.

Open Permissions

Click Permissions Link

In Sub-account Navigation, click the Permissions link.

Open Account Roles

Click Account Roles Tab

Click the Account Roles tab.

Set Permissions

Set Permissions

To override any permissions, locate the name of the permission. In the column with the appropriate course-level role, click the opaque enable (green check mark) or disable (red X) button [1]. In the permission menu [2], choose the new permission by clicking one of the permission options: enable, enable and lock, disable, disable and lock, use default, and use default and lock.

Locked options keep the setting from being changed by any subaccount admins in a lower subaccount.

Once you override a permission, the button icon will no longer be opaque.

Note: If a permission icon does not display as a button, you cannot change the permission [3].