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How do I view grading periods in an account?

As an admin, you can manage grading periods for your institution. Each grading period set applies to the entire institution, including subaccounts. Courses associated with a term in a grading period automatically inherit the term's grading periods.

As grading periods do not directly affect any course assignments, grading periods can be deleted or their start and end dates can be changed. However, changes should generally be made before a term begins. Changing grading period dates during a term will affect grade totals.

Note: Multiple Grading Periods is currently a course opt-in feature and enabled on a course-by-course basis for all paid accounts. To enable this feature, learn how to manage feature options in the account features lesson. (Grading periods are not available in Free-for-Teacher accounts.)

Open Grading

Open Grading

In Account Navigation, click the Grading link.

Open Grading Periods

Open Grading Periods

Click the Grading Periods tab.

Filter Grading Period Sets

Grading periods can be filtered by viewing a term in the Terms drop-down menu [1], or by searching for the name of a term or grading period in the search field [2].

View Grading Period Sets

The Grading Periods account-level tab displays all grading period sets and their grading periods.

Each grading period set shows the name of the grading period set [1] and the associated terms [2].

Manage Grading Period Sets

To edit the name or term(s) for a grading period set, click the Edit icon [1]. To delete the grading period set, click the Delete icon [2].

Add Grading Period Set

To add a new grading period set, click the Add Set of Grading Periods button.

View Grading Periods

To view a grading period, expand the grading period set by clicking the arrow next to the set name [1].

Each grading period shows the name of the grading period [2], the start date [3], the end date [4], and the close date [5].

Note: Beneath the date fields, Canvas will display the time zone date and time according to context. If you manage an account in a time zone other than your local time zone, the account and local times are displayed for reference.

Manage Grading Periods

To edit dates for a grading period, click the Edit icon [1]. To delete a grading period, click the Delete icon [2].

To add another grading period, click the Add Grading Period link [3].

View Concluded Grading Periods

Once a grading period has concluded, existing grading period sets should never be edited and reused for future terms. Future terms should be added to a new grading period set, with dates defined specifically for the future term. As term dates most commonly last an entire year, new grading period sets should only have to be created annually.

Retaining concluded terms and their associated grading periods ensures accuracy in grading reports.

View Current Grading Periods

As of July 16, 2016, any current account grading period—along with all prior grading periods—display as one grading period set. The name of the grading period set is the date a grading period was first created. You can edit the set and create a new name, or, if you would rather separate out the terms according to grading periods for reporting purposes, you may prefer to separate the terms into individual grading period sets (reflecting the grading periods for each term). Terms can be moved to another grading period set as long as it is removed from its existing set first.