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How do I import assignment groups from ProgressBook into Canvas?

If your school or district uses ProgressBook Grade Passback (GPB), you must first import assignment categories from ProgressBook into your Canvas course. You can then assign your Canvas assignments to your ProgressBook-specific assignment groups. Canvas assignments are not synced to ProgressBook unless they are located in an assignment group imported from ProgressBook.

You can still manually create assignment groups in your Canvas course. However, any assignment that does not belong to an imported ProgressBook assignment group will not be included in a GPB SIS sync from Canvas to ProgressBook. To differentiate between manually created assignment groups in Canvas and those imported from ProgressBook, imported assignment groups display an import icon in your Canvas course Assignments page.

New assignment groups in ProgressBook are verified for import after 24 hours. If an assignment group does not display in Canvas after an import, you may need to retry the import after the group is verified.

Learn more about setting up your ProgressBook gradebook.

Note: In ProgressBook, if your course includes multiple sections, each section must have the same number of assignment categories, and these assignment categories must have the same names. Verify these details for each section and add or modify assignment categories in your ProgressBook gradebook as necessary.

Open Assignments

Open Assignments

In Course Navigation, click the Assignments link.

Import Assignment Groups

Import Assignment Groups

Click the Options menu [1], then click the Import Assignment Groups option [2].

Add Assignment Groups

Add Assignment Groups

In the Import Assignment Groups window, click the Add button.

View Imported Assignment Groups

View Imported Groups

Assignment groups imported from ProgressBook display an Import icon.

Note: It may take a few minutes for imported assignment groups to display in Canvas. To verify successful assignment group imports, refresh the Assignments page. If an assignment group does not display, you may need to retry the assignment groups import in 24 hours after the assignment groups are verified for import.