Managing group assignment settings

Group assignments allow you to quickly score all members of the group at the same time. There are occasions, though, where you may want to provide a different score for specific students on group assignments, while still grading the group as a whole.

Note: Any changes made to individuals in the gradebook on groups assignments will also change the scores for their entire group.

Hide Grades


Before you begin, you may want to set the assignment Grade Posting Policy to manually post grades for the group assignment. When grades are hidden, a notification will not be sent to students when grades are modified.

Enter Grades


Open the assignment in SpeedGrader and assign grades to each group.

Open Assignment


In SpeedGrader, click the assignment title to open the assignment details page. You can also access the assignment from the Assignments page.

Edit Assignment


To edit the assignment, click the Edit button.

Edit Group Assignment Settings


To enable the ability to assign grades to each student individually for a group assignment, click the Assign Grades to Each Student Individually checkbox.

Grade Individual Students


In the Gradebook, you can now assign an individual grade to each student without affecting the previously assigned group grade.

Post Grades


If you chose to manually post grades, you must post grades to make them visible to students. Click the Options icon [1] for the assignment and select the Post grades option from the drop-down menu [2].