Making files available to students

If your students cannot access a file in your course, or if the file displays a Lock icon, follow these steps to try granting access and resolving the problem.

Review File Status and Publish Settings

Review File Status and Publish Settings

In Course Navigation, click the Files link [1]. View the files in your course, and locate any files your students cannot access. A circle with a checkmark indicates that the file is Published [2]. A circle-backslash icon indicates that the file is Unpublished [3]. Students can only view published files.

Note: You may also need to open file folders to confirm that files in folders are also published.

Review Link Validator

If your course includes content imported from previous courses, any links to files may not update correctly to your current course. Use the Link Validator tool to locate broken or missing links. You can then update the links to the current course.

To use the link validator, click the Settings link in Course Navigation [1]. Then click the Validate Links in Content button [2].