Recent Updates

  • You can leave text or video comments on student assignments in SpeedGrader. Comments can be added before or after grading a submission.

  • Canvas lets you view Quizzes from your mobile device. For each quiz, you can view the details of the quiz including the due date, points, number of questions, the time limit, and number of allowed attempts.

    The Canvas app natively supports quizzes that contain Essay, Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer, Fill in the Blank, Matching, Numeric, or True/False questions. Any quizzes that do not contain supported question types are redirected to the web version of Canvas. Additionally, currently the app does not support one-question-at-a-time quizzes, quizzes with passcode restrictions, or quizzes with IP address restrictions.

    The images in this lesson are shown for a phone display, but unless otherwise noted, tablet displays mirror the same steps.

    Note: The Course Navigation menu matches the browser version of your Canvas course. If you are a student and Quizzes is not available in Course Navigation, it will also be hidden from view in the app.

  • You can manage your personal settings in the Canvas app.

    The images in this lesson are shown for a phone display, but unless otherwise noted, tablet displays mirror the same steps.

  • If your institution allows you to manage a catalog or subcatalog, you can view the catalog or subcatalog from the Catalog admin menu.

    Although your admin access may be limited to a specific catalog or subcatalog, Catalog functionality is the same as given to full Catalog admins.

    Manual Catalog Guide
  • Canvas admins are not automatically given access to the admin features in Canvas Catalog. Catalog admins can manage all course and program listings in Catalog, as well as user registration, reports, and promotions.

    If a Canvas admin needs to be an admin in Canvas Catalog, you will need to enable the catalog permission for the admin's role at the account level. For more information about permissions, please see the Canvas Admin Guide.

    Note: The catalog permission only appears in Permissions for institutions that have a Canvas Catalog account and does not apply to subaccount roles.

    Manual Catalog Guide
  • When you sign up for Canvas Catalog, you must also have a Canvas Account. Your Canvas Account is the foundation for your catalog and houses all the courses that you create as part of your course or program listings.

    Catalog also uses the data within Canvas courses to determine the completion state of each catalog course or listing.

    Manual Catalog Guide