Recent Updates

  • You can add a personal reminder to your own Calendar for an upcoming event.

  • You can subscribe to the Calendar Feed using Outlook 2013 on your desktop. The calendar feed will contain events and assignments from all of your Canvas calendars. Once you have subscribed to the calendar feed, you can remove the calendar feed at any time in Outlook by opening the Tools menu, clicking Account Settings, and selecting the Internet Calendars tab.

    If you are using an earlier version of Outlook, these steps may differ.


    • All future events, and past events within 30 days, are included when exporting a Canvas calendar to Outlook.
    • Outlook periodically updates but may take up to 24 hours to sync with the Canvas Calendar. Canvas update may not be immediately visible in Outlook.
    • If your institution/organization uses a Microsoft Exchange Server account, you can also subscribe to the calendar feed using the Outlook Web App in Exchange Server. This allows you to access your Outlook calendar online if you are away from your desktop. Please contact your IT administrator at your organization/institution for more information.
  • Updated on: Oct 21, 2020

    How do I use the Calendar as a student?

    The Calendar is a great way to view everything you have to do for all your courses in one place. You can view calendar events by day, week, month, or agenda list. The calendar also includes access to the Scheduler, which is an optional scheduling tool in Canvas.

  • Updated on: Oct 21, 2020

    How do I view a group calendar?

    If you have been added to a group, you can view the group calendar.

  • You can move students within groups. However, changes should be made before assigning a group to an assignment.

    If a student is added or removed from a group after receiving submissions, the submissions and grades may not align correctly. If a student is added to a group after the group submission, any re-submissions will overwrite the original submission; all previous grades will remain but the Gradebook will show the assignment was resubmitted since last graded. If you want to move a group member with a graded submission, you may want to clone the group set instead.

  • As an instructor, you can manually add students to a group in both published and unpublished courses.

  • When self sign-up is enabled for a group, instructors are unable to prevent students from switching groups. However, as an instructor, you can turn off the self sign-up at any time. By turning off the self sign-up, you prevent students from switching groups.

  • Once you create groups in a group set, you can randomly automatically assign students to those groups.

  • When creating an automated data integration with Canvas, you should practice using the API to import SIS data to Canvas. One method of using an API is through cURL, a command line tool for transferring data that is supported on all operating systems (Windows, Linux, and OSX). In this lesson, examples should work with Windows 7+, Windows Server 2003+, Ubuntu 12+ (Desktop/Server), and OSX Mountain Lion+.

    The examples in this lesson are provided to help you learn how to practice using the API to import content into Canvas using SIS imports.