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  • If your institution uses Thin Common Cartridge files, you can use the select specific content option in course imports to import content as separate modules. Thin Common Cartridge is a subset of the full Common Cartridge specification.

    Selecting content in a Thin Common Cartridge file is structured differently than other import types. Thin Common Cartridge is a lightweight metadata structure most commonly used by K12 institutions that allows publishers to provide digital resources using LTI links (external tools), which usually contains a significant number of resources in one common cartridge interchange file (.imscc). Thin Common Cartridge files are designed by creating items grouped into a folder or series of folders that defines how the content should be organized for the learner.

    When importing Thin Common Cartridge files, Canvas uses metadata identifiers and titles to simulate the hierarchical structure within the Thin Common Cartridge file. This structure appears as nested content within the Modules content heading, allowing users to view a structured organization and locate the content they want to import into the course. By default, grouped content is imported as one module, but they can also be imported as separate modules. Individual content within a content group is automatically imported as separate modules.

  • Updated on: Dec 14, 2021

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