Recent Updates

  • You can use the Gradebook to send messages to your students. Message subjects are filtered based on specific assignment categories:

    • Haven't submitted yet—students who haven't submitted the assignment. This category does not include students who have been manually awarded a grade, even if they did not submit the assignment. Once a grade has been awarded for an assignment (either automatically or manually), Canvas no longer verifies actual submissions.
    • Haven't been graded—students whose assignments have not yet been graded (submitted or unsubmitted).
    • Scored less than [point value]—students who earned a grade on their assignment less than X number of points.
    • Scored more than [point value]—students who earned a grade on their assignment more than X number of points.  


    Although one message most likely will be sent to multiple students at the same time, each student will receive an individual message.

  • You can delete conversations from your Inbox when you no longer need them.

    You can also delete individual messages from a conversation instead of deleting the entire thread.

  • Your instructor may include a rubric as part of a graded discussion. The rubric is a set of criteria that your instructor will use to grade your discussion. Before submitting your discussion, you can use the rubric to evaluate your own work and make sure your discussion fulfills your instructor's requirements.

    Note: Not all graded discussions may include a rubric.

  • Updated on: Jun 14, 2024

    How do I join a group as a student?

    Your instructors may want to create groups within a course but still allow you to form your own group. Joining students groups are easy in Canvas.

  • If you do not already have a Canvas account, you need to create an account before you can log in to Canvas.

    If you are using Canvas through your institution, you will most likely already have an account and need to accept a course invitation. Your institution will email your login information. If you do not yet have an account, you can create an account when you accept the course invitation.

    If you are not using Canvas through your institution, you can create your own account. Your instructor will provide you with a join code to link you directly to the course. This code will be sent to you separately from the Canvas email that invites you to join the course. If you need to create an account in Canvas but have not received your join code via email, please contact your instructor or institution for help with logging in.

  • Canvas is continually creating new features to improve your user experience. The majority of improvements will be made available as part of our regular release cycle. However, some features may affect your personal interaction with Canvas. Learn more about User Feature Options and how to enable them in the manage new features lesson.