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  • Manual Canvas Badges
  • Manual Canvas Badges
  • Manual Canvas Badges
  • Updated on: Feb 01, 2024

    What are Outcomes?

  • All Outcomes added at the account or sub-account levels are available to you as an instructor. You can find and import Account Standards, which are outcomes that have been created by your Canvas Administrator for the entire institution. You can also find State and Common Core Standards.

    You can import an individual outcome or import an entire outcome group.

  • You can manually manage a user's login information in an account. You can create a new login for a user to access Canvas through your Canvas URL and also delete logins.

    If you have permission, you can also edit passwords for existing user logins. If you cannot view the password field for a user's existing login, you cannot edit the user's password. For assistance with this feature, please contact your Customer Success Manger. Users need to reset their passwords through the institution's password management system.


    • New or updated login information is not automatically sent to the student. Changes need to be communicated to the student. For security, login information should not be sent through email and should be communicated verbally.
    • If your account manages user information through a student information system (SIS), changes will also have to be made in the SIS. Any changes made in Canvas will not be passed back to the SIS.
  • Updated on: Jan 31, 2024

    How do I take a quiz in New Quizzes?

  • Updated on: Jan 31, 2024

    How do I take a quiz?

    You can easily take a quiz by accessing the Quizzes page. Depending on how your instructor set up the quiz, questions may be shown all on one page or one at a time. If you are unable to finish a quiz you may be able to resume it at a later time.

  • Draft State allows content in Modules to exist in an unpublished (draft) state. Unpublished modules are invisible to students.

    Modules control the entire flow of your course and its content. When you add items to a Module, please be aware that the status of the Module overrides the state of the individual module items. You may want to consider leaving all Module items in an unpublished state until you are ready to publish the entire Module.

    For instance, if you add a published Discussion to an unpublished Module, students cannot view the Discussion on the Modules page. However, they will still be able to see the Discussion in other areas of Canvas, such as the Discussions Index Page, the Syllabus, and the Calendar, but they will not be able to open or participate in the Discussion. Please be aware of these potential scenarios when adding course content to a Module.

    Modules also supports publishing or unpublishing files, in addition to setting a file as restricted. The restricted status applies to files only and can hide files from students. However, please be aware that restricted files may still be visible to students when they are added to modules. Learn more about restricting files in Canvas.