Recent Updates

  • You can find your peers' feedback for peer reviewed assignments in the sidebar of your Canvas course and on the submission details page.

  • You can add folders in both user and group files. Folders can be used to organize your files.

    Learn how to locate your user files and group files.

  • As a student group leader, you can help manage a group in a course. Group leaders are assigned automatically or manually by your instructor. You will not receive any notification that you have been added as a group leader.

  • You can view any groups where your instructor has added you as a member, as well as any available self sign-up groups in your course.

    Learn how to easily see the groups you are enrolled in.

  • You can create collaborations within your groups using Google Docs.

    Note: At this time, Google Docs are the only service supported through Collaborations.

  • Updated on: Jan 17, 2020

    How do I join a group as a student?

    Your instructors may want to create groups within a course but still allow you to form your own group. Joining students groups are easy in Canvas.

  • If you've been invited to join a collaboration, you can access the collaboration from Canvas. Collaboration files can also be viewed your online account for the collaboration type (OneDrive or Google Drive, respectively).

    You can choose to receive notifications about collaborations in your Canvas notification preferences.


    • Google Drive allows up to 50 users per collaboration, and all users can view and edit a document at the same time.
    • Depending on your institution's preference, your Collaborations page may not match the images shown in this lesson. However, functionality of the page remains the same.
  • Updated on: Jan 17, 2020

    How do I create a group as a student?

    As a student, you can create your own Student Groups for study groups, discuss an assignment, etc. You can be part of more than one student group.

    Note: If you cannot see the People tab in your course, or if you cannot see the Add Group button, your instructor has restricted this feature.

  • Updated on: Jan 17, 2020

    How do I upload a file to a group?

    You can share files with members of your group.

    Note: All files added to the group will be accessible to all group members.

  • You can download a single file from your user, group, and course file storage area.

    Learn how to locate your user files, course files, and group files.