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How do I view student quiz results in New Quizzes?

You can view student quiz results within each quiz in your course by viewing the moderate page in New Quizzes. If a student has multiple quiz attempts, you can also view results of all attempts. You can also print the student's results.

Note: When Anonymous Grading is enabled, student quiz details and the Manage Current Attempts sections are hidden.

Moderate Quiz

Moderate Quiz

In New Quizzes, click the Moderate tab.

View Moderate Page

View Moderate Page

To view student quiz results, click the Attempt link next to the student's name.

If there is more than one attempt, you can view past results. To view a past attempt, click the attempt you want to view.

View Results Page

View Results Page

View the quiz results which include the score, points earned, and time spent on the attempt [1].

View the individual quiz questions [2].

To print the studen't results, click the Print Results button [3].

To return to the moderate page, click the Back to Moderate link [4].

Select Text Size for Results

Select Text Size

To select a text size for the printed quiz results, select a text size option [1]. You can print the quiz results with medium text, large text, or extra large text. Medium text is the default size.

To remember your text size setting, click the Remember text size setting checkbox [2].

To open the print preview, click the Print Preview button [3].

Select Print Options

Select Print Options

New Quizzes uses your browser's print dialog window to print the quiz results. You can select a different printer, and choose other printing options, such as layout, pages, and color printing options.

To print your quiz, click the Print button.

To save the quiz results as a PDF file, select the Save as PDF option in your browser's print dialog window.