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How do I use macros in Service Cloud?

Macros allow users to make a set of changes to a case with the single push of a button. These changes include transferring a case to a specific user, case status, Canvas Component Affected, Canvas Component Issue, and case comments. Macros can be used to make changes to a single case or make mass case updates in Service Cloud. You can create, edit, clone, and delete macros.

Open Macros

From the Service Cloud home page, click the Macros tab.

View Macros

On the Macros page, you can create a new macro [1] or view existing macros [2].

Create Macro

Use the fields at the top of the Macros page to create a new macro.

Name Macro

Name Macro

In the Name field, type the name of your macro.

Select Macro Settings

Create the settings for your macro. The following settings are available:

  • Transfer To [1]: Transfer cases to a specific user
  • Status [2]: Set cases to a specific status
  • Canvas Component Section [3]: Set Canvas Component Section for all cases
  • Canvas Component Affected [4]: Set Canvas Component Affected for all cases
  • Canvas Component Action [5]: Set Canvas Component Action for all cases
  • Canvas Component Issue [6]: Set Canvas Component Issue for all cases
  • Chatter Comment [7]: Leave a comment on all cases

To learn more about Canvas Components, view the Service Cloud Canvas Components PDF.

Note: None of the fields are required but you must provide a value for at least one to save your macro.

Save Macro

Save Macro

Click the Save Macro button.

View Macros

The table at the bottom of the Macros page displays all existing macros for your institution. To edit an existing macro, click the Edit link [1]. To make a copy of an existing macro, click the Clone link [2]. To delete an existing macro, click the Del link [3].

Note: Only the user who created a macro is allowed to edit or delete that macro.