How do I use the Student app on my Android device?

The Canvas Student app helps you access your courses and groups when you are away from a computer browser. The app provides functionality to view and participate in a course or group, as well as view your course calendars, To-Do items, notifications, Conversations messages, and grades.

The images in this lesson are shown for a phone display, but unless otherwise noted, tablet displays mirror the same steps.


  • Not all Canvas features are supported on the app at this time.
  • The Canvas Student app uses your device's settings to set the time zone used within the app.
  • To change the language displayed in the Student app, select a language in Canvas from a web browser, log out of the Student app, and log in again.

View Dashboard

View Landing Page

When you log in to the Canvas Student app, the default landing page is the Dashboard.

The Dashboard displays all your current courses and groups, including your favorite courses. The Dashboard can also display overall grades in each course. Learn how to view your Dashboard.

View Calendar

View Calendar

The Calendar displays events and assignments for your courses and groups. Learn how to view the Calendar.

View To-Do List

View To-Do List

The To-Do List gives a quick view of upcoming course activities that you have not completed. Learn how to view the To-Do List.

View Notifications

View Notifications

Notifications gives you an overview of all course notifications, such as changes to an assignment due date, newly created assignments, course announcements, or a reply to a subscribed discussion. You can also view specific notifications within each of your courses. Learn how to view Notifications.

View Inbox

View Inbox

The Inbox displays all Conversations messages in the Canvas Student app. Learn how to view the Inbox.

Open User Menu

Open User Navigation Menu

To open the User Menu, tap the Menu icon. You can open the menu by swiping from the left side of the screen.

View User Menu

View User Navigation Menu

From the User Menu, you can:

Your User Menu may display other LTI tools that you can access via a mobile browser.