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How do I view the Inbox in the Teacher app on my Android device?

Canvas lets you access your inbox on your mobile device so you can keep in touch with people in your course at any time.

The images in this lesson are shown for a phone display, but unless otherwise noted, tablet displays mirror the same steps.

Note: Unlike the web version of Canvas, you cannot view assignment comments in the Inbox. However, you can view comments in the assignment.

Open Inbox

Open Messages

In the Dashboard, tap the Inbox icon.

View Inbox

View Conversations Messages

The Inbox defaults to the All tab and displays all your messages. The layout is the same way as the browser version of the Inbox. Messages are arranged in chronological order—newer messages appear at the top, and older messages appear near the bottom. New messages are indicated with a dot that aligns with the course color.

Swipe the app from top to bottom to quickly refresh your messages.

View Inbox Tabs

View Inbox Tabs

You can view different types of messages in the Inbox:

Unread [1]: Messages that are unread in the Inbox

Starred [2]: Messages that you've starred in the Inbox

Sent [3]: Messages that you've sent (you cannot view messages sent to others in any other tab until you receive a reply)

Archived [4]: Messages that have been archived


View Inbox Filter

View Inbox Filter

You can also filter your Inbox by course. Tap the Filter link [1], then select the course name whose messages you want to view [2].


Send Message

Send Message

To send a new message, tap the Add icon.

Open Message

Open Message

To view a message, tap the message you want to open.

View Message

View the selected message thread.

Manage Message

Manage Message

To reply, reply all, mark as unread, forward, or archive the entire message thread, tap the message Overflow icon [1].

To star the message, tap the Star icon [2].

To reply, forward, or delete an individual message in the thread, locate the message and tap the Overflow icon [3].

To reply to the message, tap the Reply link [4].