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  • If your institution is using an Edu App Center whitelist, you can manage your whitelist directly in Canvas. To apply the whitelist, you will need to know the API token created for your Edu App Center organization. The access token syncs the External Apps list at both the account and course levels to only show apps from the Edu App Center whitelist set up for the organization.

    Admins can manage the app list at any time to remove or replace an access token. When an account or subaccount does not include an access token, the External Apps list displays the default app list provided by Canvas. Whitelists can only be managed at the account and subaccount levels.

    Canvas only accepts one API token for an organization. A token applied at the account level automatically filters down to to all subaccounts. The Edu App Center supports creating multiple tokens for an organization, but each token directs to the same whitelist. If you want to create separate whitelists that apply to individual subaccounts, you'll need to create additional organizations in the Edu App Center and create API tokens for each whitelist.

  • The Edu App Center allows you to create a whitelist of external apps for your institution. After you have created a whitelist, you can manage your whitelist in Canvas and only display approved external apps to courses in your account and subaccounts.

  • Canvas is continually creating new features to improve your experience. The majority of improvements will be made available as part of our regular release cycle. However, some features may change the workflow for common activities in Canvas during your current term and will be placed in your Account Settings as a Feature Option. After a specified period of time, some Feature Options may become standard features in Canvas. Learn more about Feature Options and how to enable them in the manage new features lesson.

    Feature Option Availability

    The Feature Options shown in this lesson are available for all institutions and noted in their respective environments (beta or production). Some feature options must be enabled by your Customer Success Manager.

    Course-Level Features

    Please note that course feature options can be enforced for an entire account if necessary.

    Note: Some feature options may not be available in Free-for-Teacher accounts. Please view the Canvas Account Comparisons PDF.