Upgrading the Legacy Canvas LTI to Groups

Upgrade Course

When you access the Canvas Credentials LTI in Canvas, you may notice a banner about a brand new Canvas Badges with a button to the right labeled Upgrade course. Clicking the button will automatically upgrade your course and keep all badges and earning criteria aligned with their modules. Once your course has been upgraded, select the Setup tab to make adjustments to badges, staff, and learners.

Upgrade Course

If you encounter an error after selecting the Upgrade Course button, it is most likely that the developer keys for Canvas Badges need to be turned on. You will need a Canvas Admin to adjust the developer key settings.

  1. While logged in as a Canvas Admin, select Admin from the left side menu, then Developer keys.
  2. Scroll through the list and ensure that the Canvas Credentials API key is set to ON as well as the key for the regional Canvas Credentials server you are planning to connect to (US, EU, or AU). If you cannot locate the Canvas Credentials developer keys, you may need to select Show all keys at the bottom of the list.
Upgrade Course
  1. Go back to the account, sub-account, or course where Canvas Badges is installed and select Upgrade course.
  2. A banner should appear instructing you to refresh the page.
  1. When the page is refreshed, you will be in Canvas Credentials.
  2. Select the Setup tab to make adjustments to badges, staff, and learners. Select the box with the ellipses to edit or delete the group.

If you are a Canvas Admin and do not wish for teachers to upgrade to Canvas Credentials in your organization, you can contact us at [email protected] to lock the legacy LTI on your instance. Only Canvas Admins can make this request.

Reverting to the Legacy LTI

  1. To revert to the legacy LTI, select Canvas Badges or Credentials from the left side menu in Canvas, then go to the setup tab.
  2. Select the box with the ellipses.
  3. Choose Revert to Legacy LTI from the drop down menu.

If you have a Canvas Credentials subscription any special badge requirements, such as awards based on grades, will be lost when reverting to the Legacy LTI. Only module completion status will trigger badge awards in the Legacy LTI.

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