How do I edit a badge as an Issuer?

Issuer staff members can manage badge details.

Open Issuer

Open Issuers

In Credentials Navigation, click the Issuers link.

Open Issuer

Editing an issuer in Badgr

To search for an issuer by a keyword, enter the keyword in the Search Issuers field [1].

By default 25 issuers display per page. To change the number of issuers that display per page, click the Results Per Page drop-down menu [2].

To navigate to other results pages, click use the page navigation arrows [3].

Once you have located the issuer, you can view issuer details by clicking the View Issuer button [4].

Open Badge

Select Badge

To edit a badge, click the Options icon [1] and then click the Edit badge link [2].

Edit Badge

Edit Badge

You can edit badge details listed in any of the available tabs.

Save Changes

Save Changes

To save changes, click the Save changes button.