Badgr Groups LTI installation in Canvas

Installing the Badgr Groups LTI Canvas

If your Canvas instance is self-hosted please follow the instructions linked below

Installing the Badgr Groups LTI for self-hosted instances

If you've previously installed the Legacy Badgr LTI you'll need to first turn on the inherited developer keys listed below.

Steps to install the LTI

  1. Select Settings from the navigation menu on the left
  2. Select the Apps tab at the top of the page
  3. Select the View App Configurations
  4. Select the + App button
  5. In the Configuration Type dropdown, select By Client ID from the list
Installing the Badgr Groups LTI Canvas
  1. Paste the client ID into the field, and select the Submit button

    Badgr Server Client ID
  2. Badgr US - 170000000000727
  3. Badgr EU - 170000000000728
  4. Badgr AU - 170000000000730
  5. Badgr CA -  170000000000729
  6. Confirm Installation by selecting Install
  7. After installation users will need to ensure that the Badgr and the regional Badgr server inherited developer keys are turned on
  8. Regional server options are: Badgr US, Badgr EU, Badgr AU and Badgr CA
  9. Navigate back to the course and select Badgr from the navigation menu on the left

After the LTI has been installed Badgr can be configured to award badges in the course.

The Badgr LTI can be installed at any level (root, sub-account, course) and the deployment setting can be configured by Canvas admins for Badgr Pro accounts

Deployment management