Learner Record

Learner Record

Organizations utilizing multiple pathways may wish to direct their program participants and learners to their personalized learner record in Canvas Credentials. As users move through Canvas Credentials Pathways and earn badges, Canvas Credentials tracks user progress and accomplishments in a learner record that users can customize and share.

The learner record helps pathway participants quickly and easily visualize, understand and share their pathway progress at a high level without going into each individual pathway. The learner record allows users to see which milestone badges they've earned, measure their progress along the pathway(s) and share their learner record with third parties such as admissions departments or hiring committees. The learner record encapsulates all the learning that takes place in an organization, similar to a transcript.

Learner Record

Learner record information

Learner record information

Badge recipients will see a My record menu when they are in the organization space. From this page, the learner can access:

  • A dashboard view of the pathways the learner is subscribed to listed in alphabetical order
  • Completed pathways and pathways in progress
  • Recently awarded badges
  • Information about sharing their learner recordings

Accessing the learner record

Learner Dashboard - My Record

The learner record is a Canvas Credentials feature. If you don't see an organization listed on your menu, you may not be enrolled in a program that subscribes to Canvas Credentials.

To access the learner record, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Select Space drop-down menu.
  2. Once in the organization space, you may observe the organization's brand and logo or you may see the Canvas Credentials logo on the upper left of the page.
  3. Select the My record tab from the organization menu to see earned badges and pathway progress.

Learner dashboard tab The learner dashboard tab displays completed pathways and pathways in progress. Users can hide or view completed pathways using the toggle button. For pathways in progress, users can see their percentage of completion.

Learner Record

Learner record tab The learner record provides a more detailed view of pathway progress. From here users can:

  • View a list of the pathways to which they are subscribed
  • See which milestone and prerequisite badges they've earned or need to earn
  • Select a milestone or prerequisite badge to view specific details about the badge
  • Share their learner record and manage what content is displayed
Accessing the learner record
Accessing the learner record

Sharing the learner record Users have total control over what steps of the learner record they may share by URL.

  1. To share the learner record, first, select the Public toggle to set it to on [1]. When turned on, anyone with the link to your learner record will be able to see your progress.
  2. 2. Once sharing is enabled, the user will have access to edit which steps they want to share. To only share certain items, select the Edit button [2].
  3. 3. Once editing is enabled, the user can control the order in which the items are displayed as well as which items are visible.
  4. Use the arrows to move individual pathway progress up or down to display them in the order you choose
  5. Use the eye symbol to make progress visible or hidden. By default, hidden pathways are moved to the bottom of the list
Learner Record Not Found

If you have shared a URL but later turn off public visibility, a "Learner record not found" message will be displayed to anyone attempting to view your URL.


Q: Can I create multiple versions of my learner record to share with different people?

A: No. Think of your learner record like a website that’s the same for everyone who visits — there’s just one version at any given time. When you update your learner record, the new version will replace the previous version, and moving forward all visitors will see the new version. If you shared your learner record link with someone in the past and that person uses the link after you make changes, they will see the updated version.

Q: I see the option to make my learner record public. What does “public” mean?

A: When you turn on the toggle for Public, anyone who has the link can view your learner record. If the toggle is off, no one can view it. Your learner record will not appear in Internet search results.

Q: Where do I find the link I can use to share my learner record?

A: On the learner record page, turn on the Public toggle, then click the Share button.

Q: Can I see how my learner record will display for others?

A: Yes. To view the public version of your learner record:

  • Turn on the Public toggle
  • Click Share
  • Copy the link
  • Enter the link in a new window or tab of your Internet browser

Q: How does the learner record relate to the overview on the Learner dashboard?

A: The learner record page includes some of the information from the Learner dashboard — specifically, your pathways, the badges you’ve earned on those pathways and any badges you have earned that are not part of a pathway. You can select which of these to include in the learner record you share.

Q: What is a milestone badge?

A: Milestone badges represent the achievement of important parts of a journey through the pathway, such as mastery of a competency or completion of a section of a learning program.