Awarding badges

Manually awarding a badge

Once a badge has been awarded, the recipient information is baked and unchangeable. If a change to the recipient identifier needs to be made to a badge after it's been awarded, issuers can make this change by first revoking the badge and then awarding it again with the correct data.

To award an individual badge:

  1. Sign in to your Canvas Badges account and select the Issuers tab from the top navigation.
  2. Select the issuer of the badge you would like to award.
  3. Select the badge you would like to award.
  4. Select Award badge.
Awarding badges in Badgr

From the badge award page issuers will fill out the following fields:

  1. Enter the recipient name (optional).
  2. Enter an email address into the Recipient information field. The badge will be awarded to this email address.
  • You may also award a badge to a URL or phone number
  1. To send a notification email to the earner, along with a copy of their badge, mark the Notify recipient by email checkbox.
Awarding badges in Badgr
  1. The issue date automatically selects the current date. You may adjust the date if needed.
Awarding badges in Badgr
  1. Set an Expiration date for your badge (optional).
Awarding badges in Badgr
  1. Enter a Narrative (optional).
Awarding badges in Badgr
  1. Evidence may be included (optional). Select Add additional evidence. Enter a description and/or evidence URL.
Awarding badges in Badgr

Once all required fields have been filled out click the Award badge button. For information on bulk awarding badges see our article here.

The date/time you see on your badge award for the issued on/expires on may slightly differ from what is expected due to the local time zone being different from the issuer's time zone.

View the awarded badge

To view all badge awards on a badge:

  1. Go to the issuer detail page.
  2. Find the badge under issuer badges, then select the badge you wish to view.
  3. Click the Awards tab [1].
  4. To revoked and expired badges, click the Include Revoked Badges [2] and Include expired badges [3] checkboxes.
View the awarded badge

Editing awarded badges

After a badge has been awarded users have the ability to edit the fields that are set at the time of the award. This includes recipient name, award date, narrative and evidence. However, the email a badge has been awarded to can not be changed after it's been awarded.

To edit an awarded badge:

  1. From the badge award list find the badge award you wish to edit.
  2. Click the ellipsis for that badge award [1].
  3. From the dropdown, select Edit [2].
Editing awarded badges

Users are then able to update a recipient name, retroactively add a narrative or evidence and adjust an award date.

Deleting a badge

If you wish to completely remove a defined badge from your issuer profile, you may do so after revoking all the awarded instances.

  1. To delete a badge that has already been awarded, you'll first need to revoke the badge from each recipient that it was awarded to. See Revoking badges.
  2. To delete a badge that has not yet been awarded click the box with the ellipses, then select Delete from the drop-down menu.
Deleting a badge