Revoking badges in Badgr

Revoking a badge removes the assertion from the badge, and anyone who attempts to verify it will determine that the badge is not valid. Currently, you can only revoke or remove a badge from individual earners.

Revoking or Deleting a badge as an Issuer

Occasionally, badges must be revoked. Badgr allows this functionality from the badge detail view where the table of recipients is shown. Revoking an individual badge award makes it so that recipients are unable to verify the badge any longer.

  1. Navigate to the badge you wish to revoke awards under
  2. Select the Awards tab
  3. From the tab find the individual badge award you wish to revoke
  4. Click the ellipsis next to the user you wish to revoke the badge from
  5. Click the revoke button and confirm to prevent this recipient from verifying this badge in the future
Revoking or Deleting a badge as an Issuer

Deleting a Badge

If you wish to completely remove a defined badge from your issuer profile, you may do so after revoking all the awarded instances.

  1. To delete a badge that has already been awarded, you will first need to revoke the badge from each student that it was awarded to.
  2. Click the badge and select the Awards tab to see a list of badge recipients.
  3. Click Revoke for each recipient and confirm.
  4. To delete a badge that has not yet been awarded click DELETE in the right side column.
Deleting a Badge

Revoking a badge in the Badgr app in Canvas

Sometimes a teacher discovers that a badge awarded automatically for module completion needs to be revoked. Perhaps a student broke the plagiarism code of conduct. Badgr allows teachers to revoke badges in cases such as these.

  1. Log into Canvas and navigate to the course where you are a teacher.
  2. Alter the student's grade or condition that triggered module completion for the relevant badge so it is not automatically re-awarded to them after you revoke it.
  3. Navigate to Badgr via the Badges item in the left-side course navigation menu.
  4. Click the Progress tab in the Badgr app.
  5. Find the page where the student in question appears or search for the student by name with the search box.
  6. For a particular student, click the badge you wish to revoke to open the detail dialog.
  7. Click Revoke badge
Revoking a badge in the Badgr app in Canvas