Importing a badge to an issuer

The import badge feature is available in both paid and free Badgr accounts. This can be helpful if you wish to award the same set of badges on multiple Badgr servers and in other situations where different issuers may be required to award the same badge.

  1. While logged into your Badgr account, select the Issuers tab from the top navigation bar.
  2. Select the issuer you would like to import your badge to from the list.
  3. Select the box with the ellipsis to the right of the create badge button and then select Import badge.
Importing a badge to an issuer
  1. In a different tab or window, find the badge you wish to import. This can be from a different Badgr server location, the same server but a different issuer or a different Open Badge compliant badging platform.
  2. Save or copy the badge image, public URL or JSON from an awarded badge. The image from a badge from a different issuer will not contain the badge metadata necessary to replace a badge. An awarded badge image is needed, or the public page URL or JSON.
  3. Go back to the tab containing the issuer you wish to update.
  4. Paste or upload the badge image, URL or JSON in the appropriate field. Select Continue.
Importing a badge to an issuer
  1. On the next page, you'll have an opportunity to review the badge information. When you're ready, select the Import button.
  2. You'll now be on the badge details page for the badge that you imported.