Using the Canvas Badges Backpack

The Canvas Badges Backpack is where you can store and fully interact with any of the Open Badges you've earned. Canvas Badges/Credentials-awarded badges will be automatically added to a user's backpack. Non-Canvas Badges/Credentials badges may be manually uploaded.

Create an account on any Canvas Badges/Credentials server (Australia, Canada, European Union, United States) to collect your badges in our free backpack service.

With a backpack, you can:

  • Store badges from any fully compliant Open Badges provider
  • Share badges to social media sites, by URL or embed
  • Organize your badges into meaningful collections
Using the Badgr Backpack

From your backpack, you can select a badge to view the badge details. When viewing the badge detail page you can:

  • Share the badge
  • Download the badge
  • Print the badge in certificate format
  • Remove the badge from your backpack
  • Access a link to view the public page of your badge
  • View the badge's JSON
Using the Badgr Backpack