Transferring badges to an account on a different server

It's not possible to merge accounts across Canvas Badges/Credentials servers. This article provides information about moving your badges between two accounts on different servers so that you can maintain access to all your earned badges. To learn more about servers see: Selecting a Canvas Badges/Credentials server location (AU, CA, EU, US)

Why should I move my badges?

Some users find they have either accidentally or intentionally created Canvas Badges/Credentials accounts on different servers. While any badges awarded to your email identifier can be added to any Canvas Badges/Credentials account with the same identifier, issuers will only automatically award badges to accounts on the same server as themselves. If you have multiple accounts, the account a badge is awarded to may not be the one you would like to view your badges from. Common problems with multiple server accounts:

  • My badges are "missing" — If you open Canvas Badges/Credentials on your phone and see a number of earned badges, but your backpack is empty on your computer, it may be because the two devices are logged into accounts on two different servers: You can manually add your badges #add-badges to the account on the server nearest to where you live
  • Badges from my classes aren't appearing in my account — The class only automatically awards Canvas Badges/Credentials badges to the same server it's using, so if your account is on a different server, the badges will need to be manually added to your account: For example, if a U.S. school is awarding badges, the badges will automatically appear in a U.S. Canvas Badges/Credentials account, and students with a different server account (EU, AU, CA) attending the same school will need to manually upload their badges
  • I have an account on two different servers, will I lose my badges? — If you plan to only use the account on the server nearest where you live, you can manually upload your badges to that account

Copying Badge Information from your Backpack for Transfer

In the account you would like to transfer badges out of, go to your backpack and select a badge to go to the badge details page. You have several options for uploading the badge award to your backpack.

  1. Badge image
  • You can upload your badge directly if you've been sent the badge (via email) or have downloaded it from another service: Use the drag and drop feature or the file picker to select the badge
  • You can also download a badge directly from your backpack by selecting the box with the ellipses on the badge details page, and selecting Download from the drop menu
  1. Badge URL — You can get the badge URL by selecting Share from the right side menu and then the Copy button to copy the share URL.
  2. JSON — From your backpack, select the badge you would like to download. On the badge details page, select View JSON in the bottom right. When the dialog box appears, select Copy to clipboard.
Copying Badge Information from your Backpack for Transfer

URL assertions are "baked' into a badge image so that a badge can be verified by various services (for example, a badge backpack). Sometimes, a badge doesn't have an image associated with it, or is otherwise not downloaded, and can be added to a backpack service by inputting the assertion URL.

Adding badges to your Canvas Badges backpack

Adding badges to your Badgr backpack

1. In the account you're transferring your badges to, click Backpack in the top navigation bar to open your badge backpack. 2. Select the Add badge button. 3. Select one of the methods from the above section to copy your badge information and paste it into the appropriate field. The JSON field is located in the Advanced tab. 4. Click Add badge. 5. Once uploaded, your badge will appear under the Backpack menu. Click the badge to view badge details. If you experience issues when uploading your badges see our Troubleshooting: Invalid badges article.

Adding badges to your Badgr backpack