How do I view organizational analytics in Canvas Credentials?

Canvas Credentials subscribers can access analytics from their Canvas Credentials account. Institutions can use Canvas Credentials to discover, understand and report on course metrics and student learning achievements.

Open Analytics

Open Analytics

In Global Navigation, click the Dashboard link [1]. Then click the Analytics tab [2].

View Analytic Filters

View Analytic Filters

You can set filters to include in your export.

To include revoked badge awards in the export, click the Include revoked badge awards checkbox [1].

To include expired badge awards in the export, click the Include expired badge awards checkbox [2].

To include a certain time frame in the export, use the Date drop-down menu [3].

To export your data, click the Export Data button [4].

Note: By default, only active badges are displayed and the include revoked and expired badges checkboxes are not selected.

View Organization Analytics

When Would I Use Organization Analytics?

In organization analytics, there are three main sections:

  • Who is Awarding Badges? Allows the issuer to see who and where badges are being earned [1].
  • How are Badges Being Awarded and Shared? Allows the issuer to see where badges are being awarded and where learners share them [2].
  • What are the Most Shared Badges? Allows the issuer to see where their badges are being shared [3].

You can use Organization Analytics to:

See badges your learner are earning and determine the skills being recognized by your institution and the number of learners learning them.

  • Identify which teachers and courses are most effective with badges and get an overview of the courses with the most badge awards and examine award data by course to see how different teachers use badges, and compare the effectiveness of various course approaches to recognizing the same skills.
  • See how badges are shared understand how your learners are sharing on social media, and see the volume of badges being shared on these mediums.
  • Track externally awarded badges to see badges learners are earning in other Canvas courses or externally.
  • Understand who is issuing badges admins can see which staff members have access to issuers and which issuers are associated with courses.

Note: To view badge breakdowns and analytics, you can navigate to issuer-level analytics.